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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  March 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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several breaking news stories for you, first two officers killed in separate shootings across the country. this morning a california neighborhood is evacuated as police search for one of the alleged killers. and breaking news here at home. interstate 95 northbound shut down in bucks county right now. christine maddela has a live update moments away. and a winter-like chill is greeting us outside this morning as we track rain on the way for later. it is 4:30, good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. bill we are off to another very cold start out there. wet weather is moving in but you won't need snow gear today because temperatures will climb before the rain starts. look how quiet it is. there's no wind. boat house row, the water looks
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like glass on the schuylkill with temperatures coming down and clear skies. right now in philadelphia 30 degrees. but look at the 20s. in fact, right at 20 degrees for millville and atlantic city. trenton is 24 along with allentown and teens in the pocano mountains. the radar is showing nothing in the area but the rain is not far away approaching d.c. it will be here this afternoon. the first rain drops in the western suburbs are likely falling later this morning. right now temperatures are cold 26 degrees. that's where we'll be at 6:00. by 9:00 still cold. the clouds will be moving in as temperatures move up. the rain showers are at 43 degrees at lunchtime today. the hour-by-hour future weather when i'm back in ten. some breaking news right now that could affect the morning drive. >> northbound 95 shut down. christine maddela is just watching that. tell us what you know. >> we just found out from penndot that all lanes are closed. this is 95 northbound at yardley langhorne road approaching
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yardley. it is still dark out with flashing lights on the crew here. penndot says all lanes are closed as we work to find out exactly what happened and how long this will be out here. but for now, the northbound side is shut down. the southbound side is getting by. i'm going to work on the alternate routes and have that available for you in a few minutes. thank you. we also have breaking news into nbc 10 this morning with two police officers in two states who were gunned down in the line of duty. first, a wisconsin state trooper was killed in fond du lac. the other worked for the san jose police department in california. right now police in san jose are working to bring this man into custody. scott dunham is accused of shooting officer michael johnson when he responded to an apartment complex for a suicide call. police who live in the area are being warned that he's armed and they should stay inside. the mayor called this san jose's darkest hour. in wisconsin a suspect in a bank robbery shot and killed a state trooper there. that trooper was following a car that matched the description of the robbery suspect.
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authorities have not released specific details of what happened. but we do know there was an exchange of gunfire. both the trooper and the suspect were killed. and back here at home, a shooting that led to a chase in philadelphia that has two men in the hospital. the gunshot wounds happened to both of them this morning. matt delucia is live outside police headquarters in center city. matt, this happened not long after the department of justice said something had to be done in philadelphia about police use of force, right? >> reporter: that is right, chris. on monday the doj said police need to be better trained and work more with the community. and a little more than 24 hours after that there was another police-involved shooting. i'll tell you what happened here, 17th and cuyahoga streets last night, someone on the corner alerted a tail of gunfire on a minivan with 15 bullets. a man inside was hit several times. then police show up to find another guy in the backseat. he has two guns on him and tries
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to run, but the cops start to chase him and the man turns around and is pointing one of his guns at the officer. the officer then opened fire. the man had three bullet wounds but both men are expected to survive. >> it's unfortunate that the victim of the initial shooting as well as the suspect apprehended and shot by police are both in stable condition. >> reporter: at the moment they are trying to figure out if the man shot at by police is the one who unloaded on the minivan. a lot of questions right now. so detectives want to talk to both men to find out exactly what happened out there last night. we are live outside of police headquarters this morning, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." a judge will sentence former philadelphia sportscaster don tolley tolleyson. tollefson stole money promising it would go to charity. his lawyers filed a memo in
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court yesterday arguing against prison time. a woman claims and uberx driver raped her after picking her up in philadelphia. the woman picked her up in old city on february 6th more than a month ago, and raped her and drove her around for two hours before dropping her off at a police station near manioc. this accusation is causing some uberx customers to think twice. >> it changes how i would think about being a passenger in any car, uber or taxi. >> uber deactivated the driver but police have not filed the charges. uber is a ride sharing service to alieu you to catch a ride by using a smartphone app. a bucks county teacher is behind bars after trying to meet a student for sex. michael slater and a 17-year-old student from william penn high school would kiss and have sexual conversations in and outside of school. detectives learned the two were
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going to meet at a hotel to have sex but they intervened before that could happen. and change is coming to a disney septa subway stop. >> next our first look at the improvements coming to the 15th street station. plus booby-trapped. a potentially deadly trick found inside a house on the market that could have blown to pieces.
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. it is 4:38 and police are investigating a stabbing near north 29th street with the victim in critical condition at temple hospital. so far police have no suspects or a motive. and today septa will show passengers its plan for an improvement project at the 15th street station. take a look at what septa has in store for that station in center city. it says the project will make the 15th street station safer with new lighting and more user-friendly providers especially those with disabilities. renovations begin in december
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2015. and septa riders are watching a workshop being proposed for the king of prus that rail line to extend the rail line to the king of prussia mall. that workshop is happening at the double tree valley forge in king of prussia between 4:00 and 8:30. you can attend to see the alternate route. now the rain is carving out a path right to our area today. showers are to the south. there are light rain showers in west virginia and virginia but they are trending our way. good thing that they are not going to be here to start with because right now it is cold outside. with clear skies this morning and temperatures plummeting they are colder than yesterday. 30 degrees right now with the breeze light. very light wind to start with. it will be picking up throughout the day today. and down to the south they will boost our temperatures. 7:00 today, dry and still cold. but as the morning progresses we'll warm into the 40s. something that did not happen
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for most of the area yesterday, that's 43 degrees at 11:00. and look at the rain showers moving in from the west those rain showers arriving early in the afternoon. just light rain showers to start with. 1:00 in the afternoon, near 50 degrees in trenton. 44 in philadelphia. and as the showers move through during the afternoon hours, the temperatures will be dropping. it will be colder later on for the evening commute with scattered rain showers and 39 degrees. and tomorrow we're talking thunderstorms. the extended future weather in the seven-day when i'm back in ten. 20 minutes until 5 k go. we have to get more information now on this breaking situation on i-95. >> i know christine maddela has been getting new information in and has a view of it as well. christine? this is a live picture from one of the traffic cameras showing this accident. it's 95 northbound right at yardley langhorne road. here are the flashing lights here with all the lanes blocked. we just checked with pennsylvania state police and they say in this area approaching yardley, 95 is down
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to two lanes with both of those blocks here. and this is a car that collided with a tractor-trailer. police are not sure how serious the injuries are because ems crews are just getting out there, but you can see emergency vehicles here on the scene. we'll keep an eye on this and continue to check in with pennsylvania state police to see how long that will impact your drive times. so if you're familiar with this area of 95 northbound approaching yardley, get off on route 1 to avoid this altogether because you can't go further on i-95 northbound. 4:41. a child sprang into action to help her classmates after their bus crashed into a house. >> and we brought you this as breaking news yesterday morning. this was the scene that had everyone talking. next the lesson that young girl said helped her lead her friends to safety. plus wired to explode. the dangerous secret discovered inside a house and the simple action that could have turned deadly.
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the time is 4:44 and 29 degrees outside. a day after president obama and afghanistan's president met president obama says he'll slow the withdrawal of the u.s. troops. 10,000 troops will stay there in afghanistan for the rest of the year. the president hoped to cut that number in half by the end of the year. >> a suspicious device was rigged to blow up the house if someone flipped a light switch. crews worked carefully overnight to deactivate the device. the owner of the home went there yesterday with his electrician when they discovered the device. they then called police. >> the device was created in the house. someone put it in there, it was
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a gallon container that had wires that were wired into the home. >> now police say that house was about to go on the market and had been rented. now police want to talk to the renters as they continue their investigation. and this morning a house needs some major repairs after a school bus slammed into it. and we're hearing from the little girl who helped her classmates get off the school bus. the 11-year-old girl was among nine students who went to st. helena elementary school when the bus crashed on whitpain county. the bus safety drills taught her what to do. >> i saw the latch on the door and knew i couldn't go up so i just opened it and we got out and was encouraging the kids, come on you have to get out. >> police aren't sure why the driver lost control love of the bus.
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medics took him to the hospital but we have not learned his condition. after yesterday's school bus accident, the nbc 10 investigators did some digging. >> and what we found is that the school bus is one of the safest ways to get to school. federal statistics show less than 1% of deadly car accidents in the u.s. involve school buses. the riskiest part of travel is boarding it. many drivers go by with the arm stop down 80,000 times daily. >> i think it is everybody's job, not just the school bus driver's but the general public. if a school bus is coming to a stop, they should stop. and that's an important part of it as well. >> when it comes to questions about seat belts, buses built after 2001 in new jersey have lap belts. but federal studies show they have little effect on safety. and there's new information about a deadly wrong way crash in new york that killed two people including a new jersey police officer. investigators say the man behind
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the wheel got a dui in 2013 and his license was suspended for seven months. last sunday abad was driving inside the car and two off duty officers and a friend slammed into a tractor-trailer in staten island after a night out. one of the officers and a friend were killed. abbad and the other officer are in critical condition. 4:47 now. there's a new controversy surrounding governor tom wolf to lead the pennsylvania state police. he found a racist letter in his mailbox. take a letter here that reads, no n-lover will wear my uniform. when he nominated brown, he talked about diversity, but recently brown was criticized for wearing a police uniform even though he didn't graduate from the police state academy and criticized him for removing roadside sign that is were critical of him. the denton signature on the
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letter is an apparent reference to a slogan popular with the critics. if you don't graduate from the office, you don't wear the uniform. this is the letter governor wolf's office released it is very troubling that thisey are was placed in colonel brown's mailbox. we'll continue to monitor the situation. and police chiefs from across new jersey showed support for a former cape may police chief rob sheehan last night at the city council meeting. earlier this month council demoted him to captain because of the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor's office into misuse of cop time by another member in the department. the council decided last night it will wait until that investigation is complete before considering reinstating sheehan as the police chief.
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11 minutes before 5:00. it's cold outside, but this is the view from the warm spot. from center city. and by warm i mean 30 degrees. that's a lot warmer than much of the rest of the area which has dipped down in a few areas into the teens this morning. clear skies for now, but by noontime we may be looking at rain falling in this picture. which is a dramatic turnaround. for the weather overhead and also the temperatures it will be warmer by then. 20 in wrightstown. look atoms river, 18 degrees. 21 degrees in pottstown. camden at 25 degrees. audubon down to 24. haverford at 20 degrees. bundle up with the winter coat this morning as you head out the door, but you won't need it all day. you will however, need rain gear and the umbrella comes in handy. not a lot of rain will be falling, but we'll see scattered showers this afternoon. what we won't be getting is this
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storm and what it's producing in wisconsin. that snow there is coming with warmer air. in fact, by 1:00 this afternoon 45 degrees in northeast philadelphia at philadelphia international. 45 in doylestown where trenton is near 50 degrees. the first showers will move through on and off throughout the afternoon. just scattered light showers by 5:00 to the evening commute. look what that does to the temperatures, back into the 30s at that hour. but it won't go much lower. in fact, the temperatures will likely be coming up a little bit overnight. there's still some spotty showers in the area at 5:00 tomorrow morning. and the shower threat will be on and off throughout the day on thursday. watch the temperatures. 43 degrees at 8:00 thursday morning. and then here comes the big warm up potentially near 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon. that's before thunderstorms potentially arrive during the late afternoon and evening hours. the first of those storms could be off to the north and west for allentown and reading, the mount
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pocano area. that's at 6:00 tomorrow. so we've got some wet weather ahead including today. and warmer temperatures. that's good news. we'll see temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50 degrees. as clouds increase you'll see rain by midday. and then it's going to be on and off into the day tomorrow. and tomorrow we'll be near 70 degrees. you might not get there, but there's a possibility. there's also the possibility to see some evening thunderstorms roll through. by then it's out of here friday. then the temperatures come down. the breeze is lower, 52 degrees on friday. saturday, it will be sunny at 40 degrees. 48 on sunday and climbing into the 50s monday and tuesday. we continue to follow breaking news on the roads with 95 northbound shut down at one point because of a serious accident. now one lane is starting to get by. >> yes, we'll get an update from christine maddela. so some traffic is getting around this now, right? yes, it looks like it. i've been watching the traffic camera showing the accident. it's still dark out there but
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emergency crews were on the scene. and we have been talking to the pennsylvania state police. this is 95 northbound at yardley langhorne road. earlier both lanes were blocked because of a tractor-trailer and car accident out here. it looks like we saw the barricades set up still blocking the right lane but some cars are getting by on the left side. so that's good news for drivers out there heading northbound on 95. so you can see here that traffic is slowing down approaching this accident scene. and it looks like the left lane is getting by here approaching yardley. for folks traveling elsewhere, take a look at the drive times 95 southbound from woodhaven road to the expressway at 14 minutes. also looking good on the schuylkill expressway and 422 in montgomery county. a pennsylvania road will be named after a state trooper killed in an ambush shooting in the pocanos. the town of dunmore is showing the road to be named after corporal michael dixon.
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trooper douglass was also wounded in the shooting. eric frein said this was an assassination. he pleaded not guilty to terrorism and other charges. well above minimum wage. the growing rate for a babysitter these days that could make you rethink your day job. plus batman is doing a 180 and you can go along were the ride. the new attraction in this area that will be flip-flopping some stomachs this summer.
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police in montgomery are looking into the report of a peeping tom. someone saw someone spying on her in a dressing room on saturday. the woman asked not to show her face but wanted to tell her story. she was picking up her clothes and noticed a pen-like instrument and tried to grab it
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but it was pulled away from her. she thinks it was a camera and when she tried to find the person behind it he was nowhere to be found. >> i asked the attendant if they had seen the man and not only did they see the man but they had seen it before doing this suspicious activity constantly going into the dressing room two to three times a week. >> police say this is the first report of the alleged peeping tom at the store. they are looking at surveillance cameras right now and target released the statement saying the safety and security of our guests is a top priority. we are partnering with local law enforcement on this incident. and a special team tasked with getting atlantic city back on its feet is recommending spending cuts and layoffs. the emergency management team reported by governor chris christie recommends cutting city expenses this year by another $10 million. and it says mediators should be handling the disputes with the city union. they did not recommend that in atlantic city, but they said if
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leaders don't act right away they have major troubles on the way in the future. and the former show boat casino in atlantic city plans have hit a big obstacle. >> the trump taj mahal nearby is trying to stop the campus from opening saying they are enforcing a 198 agreement between the two casino owners requiring the showboat property to be used only for the first class casino report. the stockton university president said we are still working to resolve the issue with trump taj mahal. should that not work we are making plans to sell the property and hope that we will be able to close reasonably soon. trump entertainment as not commented. and the school system hopes to lay off several employees after the $297 million budget was approved. this calls for the elimination
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of 226 jobs and one school will close to meet the budget gap. the school likely to close for the 2015 school year is monument elementary school in trenton. and in an attempt to fight the summer slide away from learning, a gloucester county community is starting a summer reading program for first and third graders. the woodbury school district will hold a summer safari reading camp in july and august. participation is optional but the district is hoping people send their kids to the program. kids coming back from summer vacations are one to two months behind where they were the previous june in terms of reading. it's fun to thing about summer no matter how you look at it right? well, philadelphia is one of the top ten priciest cities when it comes to hiring a baby sitter. >> you know this very well. typically a new survey from says the national average pay rate for a baby sitter in 2014 was more than what do you think it is? $13 an hour. philadelphia ranked tenth with
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parents paying an average of a little more than $14 an hour. number one on the list san francisco, where sitters cost an average of more than $16 an hour. >> if you offer $12 an hour you get access to everything in the fully stocked fridge. >> and the tv. thrill seekers had two new experiences to check out this year. >> yes, and it's close by too. at six flags great adventure in ocean county check it out. >> batman is going backwards. some of the theme park is flipping the chair 180 degrees on the track. but only from july 4th weekend until labor day. the roller-coaster riders can check out the 13th coaster to open in may. i'm not good at that. >> you can try that and tell me how it is. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now.
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shot and killed in the line of duty. this morning two police officers in two states are dead. and the search continues for one of the suspects. and also breaking right now, traffic trouble on i-95 in bucks county because of an accident there. we'll tell you what happened and how to get around it. plus landfill complaints. neighbors say it's not just about the smell. we'll tell you why they are worried about their health. and yes, we are tracking rain starting out the day cold and dry, but warmer weather on the way. that's the good news this mo. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news" todd. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. we'll find out about temperatures now and the warm up with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. bill? we're looking at a very cold start. if you're leaving the door right now, the house is nice and warm. but outside it's back into the winter feeling cold this morning. cl


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